Bontrager TLR Flash Charger Floor Pump
฿ 3,500
A floor pump and a tubeless setup tool in one. Set to Charge for a pressurized chamber that makes at-home and on-the-fly setup of tubeless ready (TLR) tires a breeze.
สี : Black
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Tubeless setup made simple

TLR Flash Charger is the single-pump solution for daily use and at-home tubeless setup. It functions just like a standard floor pump when set to 'Inflate'. Switching it to 'Charge' gives the ability to pressurize a chamber and 'flash release' the stored air in order to seat tubeless tires without a bulky air compressor. Plus, it has a broad, back-lit digital gauge that delivers accurate pressure readings all the way to 160 PSI.

Pump up the jams

The recommended pressure for setting up tubeless tires is 160 PSI. Once that limit is reached in the chamber, the digital gauge will show three dashes across the screen to signal you're ready to rock and roll.

Easy-to-read digital gauge

A broad, back-lit, digital gauge provides accurate pressure readings all the way up to the maximum 160 PSI.

The only pump you need

TLR Flash Charger has a unique dual-chamber design that allows it to perform the functions of both a standard floor pump and an air compressor. It's the single-pump solution for all of your inflation needs, from topping off your pressure at the start of a ride to seating tubeless road and mountain tires.

Discreet handle storage

Tired of searching for that lost needle? Sleek, handle-integrated storage ensures you'll always know where to find those small, easy-to-misplace attachments for inflating things like basketballs and pool toys.

Goodbye, air compressor

It's time to ditch the bulky air compressor. This pump's dual-chamber design stores compressed air, which you can release with the simple flip of a lever to seat tubeless tire beads on a rim.

Product details

  • 1. Dual-chamber design with Inflate setting allows for efficient use as a traditional floor pump
  • 2. Set to Charge for a pressurized chamber that inflates tubeless ready (TLR) tires without a compressor
  • 3. Digital gauge provides easy-to-read accuracy up to 160 PSI (recommended maximum)
  • 4. Compatible with both Presta and Schrader valves
  • 5. Included inflation accessories conveniently stored in handle
Unconditional Bontrager Guarantee

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Pump type Floor
Valve Presta/Schrader
Gauge type Digital
Max pressure 160psi
Frame mounted No
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