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WaveCel structure

WaveCel: the biggest advancement in the protection against cycling concussions

Trek and Bontrager have partnered with WaveCel
to create a helmet technology that disrupts 30 years
of accepted safety standards.
You only get one brain. It's worth protecting.

WaveCel is a revolutionary, Bontrager-exclusive helmet
technology that's up to 48x more effective
than standard foam helmets in preventing concussions.

Virginia Tech validation
All WaveCel helmets received the highest rating
from Virginia Tech's third-party testing facility.
This unbiased assessment proved Bontrager's WaveCel helmets
to be among the highest level of protection
available to cyclists with a 5-STAR rating.

This Bontrager-exclusive material is the brainchild of a biomechanical engineer and an orthopedic surgeon who wanted to solve the problem of traumatic brain injuries in active people. It’s the first advanced helmet technology ever to receive funding from the US National Institute of Health. 

Check out the full study to learn more about WaveCel and the biggest advancement in the protection against cycling concussions. You’ll never want to ride in anything else.

*Results based on AIS 2 Injury (BrIC) at 6.2 m/s test at 45° comparing a standard EPS Helmet and the same helmet modified with WaveCel insert as described in detail in Comparison of Bicycle Helmet Technologies in Realistic Oblique Impacts.
** We recommended wearing a helmet at all times while cycling. No helmet can completely prevent injury, including concussions, in every type of cycling accident. Some portions of helmets with an insert, such as the perimeter portion, will have properties similar to EPS helmets.

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