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Rapid 3

750 B.-




Rapid 3


Maximum attention. Three modes allow you to customize your visibility.


Maximum attention. The CatEye Rapid 3 tail safety light includes a high power center SMD-LED and two 5mm LEDs for outstanding visibility.


Three modes allow you to customize your visibility. The rapid mode is an all out attention grabber, using all 3 LEDs in a unique pattern guaranteed to get you noticed. The flashing mode foregoes the high-power center LED to save blinding your riding buddies, while the constant mode adds a daytime safety option.


The included AA battery will run the Rapid 3 for up to 80hrs and comes with the SP-11 FlexTight™ bracket. Compatible with the all-new RM-1 Saddle Rail bracket and the clothing clip, available separately.  






Light source


Run time               

Mount size     


66.0 X 23.0 X 43.0mm

approx 61 grams (with bracket and batteries)

Red LED X3

AA alkaline battery X1

Approx 3hrs in constant, 80hrs in flashing, and 20hrs in rapid mode

φ12.032.0mm (FlexTight SP-11)

Lighting mode memory function, compatible with RM-1 saddle rail bracket, rear rack mount and clothing clip (optional)




  The factory-loaded battery life might be shorter than the specification above.

  Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.


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