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420 PRO

98,500 B.-





You demand a great bike fit. You expect a highly effective workout. You want the most realistic ride possible. In essence, you want every aspect of your indoor cycle to duplicate the experience of riding outdoors.


Sound familiar?


Stocked with four points of micro adjustments, a controlled resistance unit and a frame suited for Tour de France stage-ending sprints, the 420 is built for top professional athletes — yet easily adaptable for any level of rider. The onboard PowerTap power meter lets you know exactly how hard you're working.









- Controlled resistance allows you to target power, slope or gearing.

- Precise resistance control lets you dial up the difficulty level for any workout intensity.

- PowerTap power meter provides +/-1.5% accurate power feedback.

- Four points of adjustment to duplicate the fit of your outdoor bike.

- Freewheeling hub lets you stop pedaling and coast whenever your pace dictates to recover between efforts.

- 48-pound flywheel makes the unit ride and look like an outdoor bike, while the rear-location keeps it out of the "sweat zone".

- Road-style handlebars allow for posture and riding positions that replicate the feel of your outdoor bike.

- Steel frame and stable platform is ideal for sprinting workouts or hill climbs.

- Dual capacity water bottle holder to keep you hydrated for the long haul.

- Power supply cord included.

- CycleOps saddle included; can be swapped out for a more customized ride.

- Pedals not included. Compatible with standard 9/16 pedal axle.

- Complimentary 2-Week Free Trial for CycleOps VirtualTraining included.

- Includes a mini ANT+ USB stick for use with desktop version of CycleOps VirtualTraining.

- The i420 is intended to be used with an iPad or Android tablet running the CycleOps VirtualTraining application and does not come with a computer. Please see here for further compatibility and required ANT+ adapters.

- The i420 is compatible with most ANT+ CycleOps or PowerTap products, but doesn't work with the CycleOps Cervo (a.k.a. the little yellow computer) or Joule 1.0. Contact us if you have compatibility questions.


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