The Faster Fold

Folding bicycle design hasn’t changed much in decades. N-Fold Technology is a small but important change that results in a faster, and more compact fold. N-Fold Technology includes new frame and handlepost geometries and spins the front wheel by 180 degrees before the central fold, resulting in a package 40 mm (1.5") shorter. Using N-Fold technology, our bikes are only very slightly larger than the typical small wheel folding bicycle. Bicycles with N-Fold technology can also be folded – easily – in less than ten seconds.








Adjust to Fit

The Andros is a patented, adjustable stem that lets you adjust your handlebars to the way you want to ride. Easily set the bars low and far for more aggressive riding or higher and closer for a more relaxed position. The Andros makes it simple to adapt a bike for different riders.

Adjusting is simple and can be done with just one hand. Release the safety latch and open the Andros to change the stem and handlebar angle simultaneously. It takes only seconds to get the right position. Closing the Andros locks the bars in place for a safe and solid ride.







Always at the Ready

Engineered to integrate directly with the Andros stem or the Syntace VRO 47 stem used on many Tern bicycles, the Valo 2 is a powerful hub-dynamo powered light designed to help you navigate safely at night. It is optimally positioned for visibility and well protected from accidental knocks and bumps, as well as theft. Clarity™ optics project the type of wide, even beam pattern that a cyclist needs - no more lighting the tops of trees or narrowly focused hotspots.

Designed with the lighting experts Herrmans in frigid Finland, where winter temperatures dip to -40° C and daylight all but disappears, the Valo 2 is made from cold-resistant ABS and has a standlight function so you're still visible to traffic while stopped. The patented CryoCore™ cooling design uses the handlebar as a heat sink to draw more heat away from the LED chip, allowing for brighter, more efficient output.

The Valo 2 is designed to work with the BioLogic Joule 3 or other standard dynamo hubs, so you will never need to worry about dim lights or being stuck with dead batteries ever again.







Never leave your pump at home again

If you’ve ever used a traditional bicycle mini-pump, you’ve probably scraped some knuckles or ripped a valve and uttered a few choice phrases while you blew out your arms. That’s why we love the BioLogic PostPump, a full-size floor pump that’s hidden inside a seatpost. It pumps a much higher volume of air and the pumping action is easy, just like a floor pump. The integrated Schrader/Presta chuck screws onto the tire valve - great for those higher pressure tires. And because it’s hidden in the seatpost, it’s always ready when you need it.







3D-Forged = Even Stronger, Stiffer, Better Ride

Flexy handleposts and noodly handling are the Achilles heel of many folding bicycle designs. The Physis 3D handlepost solves this with a massively strong, precision machined design that virtually eliminates flex. The Physis is 3D-forged from a single piece of aluminum, eliminating welds to give a stronger, lighter, and more cost-effective part.

The Physis uses four patented technologies and is 100% serviceable, so all parts can be replaced if needed. It has igus™ bearings for smooth operation and rubber seals to protect headset bearings. Two bolts clamp it to the fork steerer for extra safety compared to other handleposts.







Stronger by Design

Folding bikes have a sometimes deserved reputation for flexy frames. All Tern frames feature patented DoubleTruss technology which turns the rear half of the frame into a three dimensional truss so that it’s much more resistant to torsional forces.

Traditional bike frame seat stays start at the seat tube to create the rear half of the bike. On Tern bikes, the seat stays form a rigid triangle with the seat tube to fashion a continuous structure that extends to the rear axle. The result is a frame with increased stiffness that gives improved power transfer from the pedals to the rear wheel for a more direct connection with the road.







Stronger, Better, State of the Art

The OCL Joint is a new reference in folding frame technology. It includes two new patents and everything we know about making the safest, strongest, and most durable frame joint.



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